Danish pastry dough (laminated yeast dough)
Laminated yeast dough: crispy creamy croissants, pain au raisins with Patisier cream and delicate buns with chocolate.

All stages:
- ingredients, dough kneading and what can affect
- laminating butter preparation and lamination for dozens of layers
- shaping, proofing (even at home) and brushing with explanations at each stage
- baking and final decoration.

Techniques, subtle details and tips from brand chief, baker Valery Meshcheryakov for you to enjoy the process and be proud of your results! The course is suitable for confectioners with any experience, as well as professional confectioners.

The course consists of 4 lessons:
Lesson 1 - Theory: ingredients, proofing. Preparation of 2 types of dough (classic and chocolate).
Lesson 2 - Croissants: classic and two-color.
Lesson 3 - Pain au raisins with creme Patissiere.
Lesson 3 - Chocolate Buns.

The course includes video materials with subtitles and recipes on english in PDF format.
unlimited access and support!
4 500
Contains 4 lessons

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